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Becoming a Partner

In developing a BLOSSOMS country partnership, at least one university in a country will agree to assume the leadership role in developing new learning videos and introducing the BLOSSOMS video repository to local high schools. Each of these university partners will play a critical role in establishing a support system in their respective countries. Ideally a support system includes:

• support at the university level;
• support at the appropriate governmental level;
• support among high school math and science teachers and their students.

Institutions interested in seeking an individual institution partnership with MIT BLOSSOMS will also be expected to develop one or more new learning videos and to introduce the BLOSSOMS video repository to local high schools. BLOSSOMS partners are asked to cover the costs associated with this collaboration, such as video production, teacher incentives, and teacher training.

If you or your institution is interested in becoming an MIT BLOSSOMS partner, please contact BLOSSOMS for more information.